novelty_crosses (novelty_crosses) wrote,

soooooo havent updated in awhile.

not much has happened. at all.
well kinda I guess..

I quit my job at wal-mart. turkey CREEK was just too far to drive out to everyday. especially since I have to pay my dad car payment..and insurance. so yeah..but I got a new job at Comp USA. I'm have orientation monday and he said I should start tuesday. so HOPEFULLY I will start next tuesday and get some cash money coming in.

the band is coming along. slowly but surely. I have no patience when it comes to starting a band. I want everything done in one day. I want everything up. and most of the time thats not possible because there's atleast acouple people in the band that it doesnt matter how fast the process of the band is going. but I guess that's cool. so..slowly but surely we're getting everything together. and maybe we'll have some new recordings up soon. but I dout it.

kay and I are good. we are trying our best to get her moved down her. for having dated so long..I think we deserve to beable to see eachother more than 2 times every two weeks. and I think she thinks the same. money is the root of all evil. basically. It puts me in a terrible mood when I cant see her. it makes everything worse. so I hope we can get all the money together and move out already.

well thats about it.
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