novelty_crosses (novelty_crosses) wrote,

I hope you call me really soon. because I want to be with you right now. and I'm tired of feeling like this. and I dont want to get over you because I know we're better than this. I know things can work out. and Im not listening when I hear "she's gone get over her" I cant afford to have my heart broken again but when i speak to you it's the hardest thing to watch you walk away from me because you think it's the right thing to do. the others dont matter in the end. you and I are the ones that need and should stick together. I cant help but to sit here and think what we could be doing right now. laying in the bed watching t.v? going to the store to buy pointless things? waiting for you to get home so I can wrestle with you? sure you could do these things with anybody else..but would it matter to them or you as much as it matters to me? having your company is enough to get me by and knowing that I'll have you at the end of the day, at the end of the year, is enough to keep me happy. we have so much ahead of us and even more amazing times, but being a young couple that loves eachother is going to put us right infront of disagreements, confrontations, and problems. It's about seeing past those things. Knowing that NOMATTER what happeneds, they're going to be there for you. that they're always going to love you and give you more than they could ever imagine giving anyone. Knowing that NOMATTER what the degree of the problem is, love is what is going to save the relationship. I could go on all day why I should be the last guy you ever be with. but it's up to you to realize soon that these things dont just happen in the movies, it's not just a fairy tale. It's actually possible to fall in love. the people that disagree are the people that have never loved and lost. that dont understand the concept of love. I'm a wreck. physically and mentally without you. I cant eat I can sleep. I cant be happy. people say you have to make yourself happy before you should make anyone else happy. the truth is the only thing that could ever make me happy is you. dont ruin something so pure, so hard to find these days over something that can be worked out. I've went through enough. we've went through enough. I want the phone call. I want the words "come home babe" to come out of your mouth. I want the two year anniversary and more to come. you can be happy. we can be happy. just see through all the fog. You know I would do anything for you. dont throw that away.

I meant what I said when I said I would settle down with you
Although I know it’s not something that you were asking me to do
And I know we are young but we won’t always be so marry me
Let’s not be that predictable young couple changing moving on

I love you.
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