novelty_crosses (novelty_crosses) wrote,

So, I have put ALOT of thought into this..and I have decided that I want absolutely nothing more than to go on the road with my acoustic thing I'm doing. I have alot of faith in my songs that people will beable to relate to them and I have alot of faith that I could go out there and maybe get somewhere with it.

the thought of being on the road every day playing the songs that I wrote and that have an incredible amount of feeling and meaning behind them, makes me want to get out there asap.

I'm getting a job monday, and I'll pay my bills and at the same time save for recording...record the album, and as soon as I get everything settled with the album, then I'll be will gone.

there's absolutely nothing that will stop me. I've fucked up too many times to not do this. This is what I want to do, and I am going to do it.

I'm extremely excited about it and hopefully everything will be fine. hopefully I will be out of here by this time next year. I'm planning on sooner. but it all depends on when the recordings get done.

finally, something to look forward to.
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