novelty_crosses (novelty_crosses) wrote,

I love how things get fucked up...and you apologize to that person 2345234524 times..and try and do everything you can to fix it. and you beat yourself up over it, EVEN though its not as dramatic as this person has made it out to be, or convinced themselves to be..

but these type of people have that whole fuck you, you're a piece of shit attitude.


if I were to shoot myself in the fucking face to show you how sorry I wouldnt make a difference to you. and you would still have that attitude and front that you put on for all of us to roll our fucking eyes at you.

I dont think its me who needs to grow the fuck up.


please believe those "friends" that you would have your back through thick and thin...yeah you'll find out that it just doesnt go down like that. it's only amatter of time until they move on and leave you knowing that I told you so.
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