novelty_crosses (novelty_crosses) wrote,

so everything is almost amazing. I FINALLY have my car working. and I am driving it now. so thats pretty amazing.
I'm now one of the guitarist of this is renaissance. which is a fucking DREAM for me. that is honestly one of the best things that has ever happened for me. and I really think I deserve it. I finally have my shit together, as in the whole drinking thing..havent drank in about 6 months. which, if you know know that is incredible for me, and damn near impossible. but it has been almost that long, and I am pretty proud of myself. I also think I deserve it because, well I've always listend to RWD, and TIR relegiously haha, and I've been playing guitar for almost 9 years..its about time I got a break, and did something I really have been wanting to do.

kay and I are still doing amazing. we're still as strong as everrrr. she is also one of the best things that has ever happened to be as well. if it wasnt for her, I seriously would not be where I am at right now. I would still be drinking, and not giving a shit about anything, or anyone. so she is the number 1 reason I am doing so good. we are still planning on moving out as quick as we can. but me not having a job, has put us behind haha. but I am working pretty hard to find one. if everything works out, HOPEFULLY we'll be moved out by ATLEAST december. cross them fingers.

welllll thats about it for me. does anyone ever read my posts, anyways?
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